Real Estate Law

Our law office offers services in commercial, as well as, residential real estate closings. We can help you meet your real estate needs. We have built a reputation for providing excellent representation. Our client’s needs come first. This is why many of our real estate clients return to us time and time again for our assistance. Whether you are purchasing a residential or commercial property or need assistance with another real property law issue. Our experience will be to your advantage.

Contact our office assistance with legal issues involving real estate such as:

  • Closings
  • Title Insurance
  • Residential Sale
  • Residential Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Buyer/Seller Representation

What does a residential real estate attorney do?

A residential real estate lawyer can facilitate the purchase or sale of single family homes. Including multi-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and also vacant land. Our office works with lenders and cooperates with brokers to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  As a closing/title/escrow agent, we handle all aspects of the closing. Including ordering a title search, city lien search, survey, ordering estoppel letters and loan payoffs.  However, in the event a bump in the road arises during a sale. We are there to assist and guide you through the process to make sure the home and clear title can be passed to the buyer.

Selling a Home?

If you need help selling a home, we can also help. By referring you to a licensed real estate agent in your area.  Once you have sold your home, our office can assist you with the closing and act as the escrow/title agent.  The buyer in Palm Beach County will also get to choose who handles the closing/title work.  Most sellers are unaware of this and usually defer to whomever their realtor sends the closing to handle.   

While some closing agents are reasonable, there are equally a number of them that are not. Some closing agents look to squeeze every penny out of the buyer or seller they can at closing.  Our office is very modest and reasonable on what we charge to handle the closing for either the buyer or the seller.  In addition, we do not nickel and dime our clients on junk fees.

Buying a Home?

So you have made an offer on the home you wish to purchase. Your realtor can assist you with the preparation of a contract for the purchase.  We can also assist you with a review of the contract prior to executing it and sending to the seller.  If you do not have a realtor and are buying from the owner  directly. We can assist you in all areas pertaining to the preparation, as well as, the review of the contract for the purchase of the property. 

Other services we offer in regards to Real Estate are:

  • Preparation of Sales Contract
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Lady Bird Deeds
  • Life Estate Deeds
  • Trust Deeds
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